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Dezy's Top 50 CBS Sports Posters

Posted on: June 3, 2008 9:11 pm
Edited on: June 3, 2008 9:16 pm
Well I have been here as of tomorrow one full year (not many posts to show for it because CBS loves to erase are hard work) but o well. When many people celebrate, there accomplishments they only look at what they have done. However, I decided I would thank and give props to 50 of the best posters on this site and that have made my time here fun and a way to kill some time. Although there are many more then 50 I could list, if I listed them all my hands would start to bleed (and I like my hands the way they are at the moment) in no real order    Rsoxrule, one of my favorite female poster on here she is always knowledgeable about the great sport of baseball DragonRider23, always has interesting things to post BuckeyesRok, what can you say about Rok I would have to say he is thee nicest bar none poster on this site and is one of the only osu people I can stand in the world (and that list is only 5 names long) he would do anything for you even though he only knows you through the internet SantanasBack, is just a cool poster lol he keeps it real NateO, is a poster who I respect greatly on these boards I can’t recall a time when I ever read anything he posted that was sub pare Mudsville Geo, a Michigan Man and the Defender of the BnG if there is anyone causing trouble in those parts he is always one of the 1st to step up and take the troll down Hans Penguin, RIP to your old SN the King of the Arcade to say the least no one can beat his scores classof68, another Michigan Man, class is just a great guy and never puts his foot in his mouth mopsele, another one of the kindest posters on these boards momluvsfootball, one of the best football minds on this site without a doubt bigdmgr, or Mr. Facts, has a great baseball mind and doesn’t get the credit he deserves DaBombBizzle, my bother (not really) Lion form the North Biz is the Beast and a pot head as well lol Abez2, he may be a bit old but lol im just joking he’s "experienced" lol DJTANKELITE, a great pistons fan SAMMCG-20, now he is Mr. Michigan and you have to love his passion for the sport and the wolverines...and don’t forget the suckeyes The Big B, My favorite basketball poster by far Attcj, very interesting poster always intelligent slkaos3, one of my favorite Lions posters on here bleeds the Honolulu blue and silver w/black accents Steelhat55, dudes just a beast when it comes to posting he is everywhere all at the same time MGOBLUEGIRL2, has to be my favorite female Michigan poster around here TwoCents22, great lion’s poster and one of his threads was the reason I signed up here 1 year ago kburjr, what can I say other then live free or die Focko4, great lion’s poster spent many game threads together Skydog, simply is the song games blitzburgh, another one of the few osu fans I can stand in the world metabolik13, another one of the nicest people will ever find on these boards Katsfanforlife, a good ol boy from Tucy, my homeboy for life lol SlumpBuster, My favorite hockey poster around and wears the wings wheel proudly Timebomb322, great lion’s poster Crunchybacon, is a homer if he likes it or not but he is still go in my book Bluejay39, just a great person he likes NASCAR but you can’t hold that against him, well you can but I won’t lol JUSTLIKE97, if you need something he’ll do it for even if it takes a month lol LionsWhyMe, great lion’s poster packers_XXX1, Wabbit is my favorite female poster by a mile on this site not to mention she is a very nice person even though she roots for the Packers and is form Michigan (I know I don’t get it either lol) adrian82, is may favorite tigers poster on this site solar, another great lion’s poster and another person who I have spent many a game day thread with dlpackers, is nothing but a crumbpacker through and through complete waste of space lol TDbeagle, a man of the north and basketball rockflorida, randy is another great person on this site and loves music nother point, is my favorite Detroit poster tampabaybishop, lol Mr. 9 or 5.888 how ever you look at it lol DDriver80, may be a hater but he is my favorite hater at very least lol and another one of the osu guys I guess I can stand BlotznNuts, haven’t seen you in a while but you’re good in my book pizza hut, unfoundedly he shows his age A LOT but he isn’t doubt at all he just needs to learn how to deliver his information better Pats Fan, very knowledgeable about all sports as they come and loves his icons CowboyB, many in these parts dislike him but he says what we are all really thinking Bengalsrock, BN is a great person just needs to learn how to take a joke lol Berlyn3014, ber will never say anything mean even if you try to force her to lol RDH2850, everyone knows RDH he’s a posting machine Birdofperey99, great wings poster LETSDoTh1S, or whatever he is called now lol lets just say it tastes good with butter has recently become addicted to arcade games lol, but he’s a great person  

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Posted on: June 30, 2011 5:19 pm

Dezy's Top 50 CBS Sports Posters

Mopsele is the best Nay...

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Posted on: April 18, 2010 1:45 am

Dezy's Top 50 CBS Sports Posters

packers_XXX1, Wabbit is my favorite female poster by a mile on this site not to mention she is a very nice person even though she roots for the Packers and is form Michigan (I know I don’t get it either lol)Thanks Dezy...and you do to get itWink

Go Tiggers!!!

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Posted on: August 18, 2008 1:24 am
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Dezy's Top 50 CBS Sports Posters

this is a very clever post..../i would clap my hands but im typing on a computer

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Posted on: July 12, 2008 8:09 pm

Dezy's Top 50 CBS Sports Posters

yes lost it has been a long time


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Posted on: July 10, 2008 8:42 pm

Dezy's Top 50 CBS Sports Posters

hey dezy, long time no talk...haha happy one year man

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Posted on: June 19, 2008 12:30 pm

Dezy's Top 50 CBS Sports Posters

hey Boltz good to see your still alive and kicking hope it all turns out well for you


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Posted on: June 18, 2008 3:08 pm

Dezy's Top 50 CBS Sports Posters

Dez, I'm still alive.....been goin' through some hip surgery...1 more to go on 7/ an infection ....6 wks antibiotics hopefuly got it........I'm in and outta here tryin' to do some work to and been travelin as much as I can between stuff....THANX!!!!!! BoltznNuts!!!!!!!! Hi to Buck, Mop, class....what's up w/ LDT?   he havin' cramps with a monthly visitor or what!!!!?????



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Posted on: June 16, 2008 10:38 am

Dezy's Top 50 CBS Sports Posters

Top NBA Posters: Harst, The Big B, DJTANKELITE, GoHornets21, ChrisperJ10, Lakers2408, wildcatsfan, North Harbour, Ignorepeter and someone who has not posted in ages but will come back, Mr_Plato....

Very solid list. A few others you could add:

  • gazzso
  • b100d_baller
  • ChiTownCliff
  • TDbeagle

And thanks for the mention, NH.

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Posted on: June 11, 2008 6:20 pm

Dezy's Top 50 CBS Sports Posters

Nice list very nice list but can't forget about howlongitsbeen and teddydupay4 either  TexNole & Sadovin have their A game ready and avail at all times as well and are beasts on the boards.

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